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Medical Cold Therapy System(SRN01-II)

Therapeutic Principles

Cold compression is commonly used in clinic, the scientific local cold compression on the traumatic tissue can effectively avoid the swelling, reduce hematoma and pain, thus speeding up the period of recovery. 

SRN0-II Medical Cold Therapy System is designed according to human anatomy,Cold compression on specific spots can minimize the hematoma, edema and pain of the injured sites. So it is the ideal cold therapy device  for postoperative recovery and sport injuries.



Effective cold compression, can reduce hematoma and pain.

Cold compression can make the capillaries shrink,restrict the blood flow to local sites, relieve contrafluxion,avoid inflammation,suppuration scattering, thus decreasing the sensitivity of the nerve endings and alleviating pain, Quick and effective cold compression can effectively control the swelling of the injured site within 4-6 hours, shortening the period of recovery. It has special therapeutic and rehabilitation effect on local soft tissue injuries,bone fracture,the injury of the bone and joints and postoperative pain.


Features and Characteristics

●Designed according to human anatomy, Cold compression on specific spots.

●Effective cold compression, User-friendly and Simple to Use

Compression is designed according to human anatomy with the characteristics of the the circulation lines of double tubes and honeycomb structure. So it can be applied for different injured sites, on the other hand, the cold compression is equipped with touch and close fasteners, which makes fixing and releasing quite easy. It can also make the cold compression wrap closely around the injured sites that needs cold compression, thus improving the cold compression effects, preventing swelling and alleviating pain.

●Comfortable,sanitary and non-irritant

Cold compression wrap is make of medical degree materials, it can deliver energy quickly.On the other hand, with the help of the unique isolation pad of the cold compression wrap,which is hydrophobic,skin-touch and non-irritant, thus effectively prevents crossinfection, retaining the energy and mproving the degree of comfort of the cold compression.

●Separate system design,maintenance is simple.

Quick disconnect couplings design,Simple to Use, no leakage while plugged in or out, which can make the cold compression wrap disconnect with the host machine, the patients can move freely during therapy, thus reducing the the workload of nursing.

●Design of insulation as to ice water,Environment Friendly and no pollution, duty-cycle operation keeps guanarteeing the output of the cold water.

●Supporting electronic circulation control system controls the time of cold compression, the device owns the Continuous Mode and Intermittent Mode,all these can effectively improve the effects of diminishing swelling and function of organization.


Compressiong Wraps:



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