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Disposable Drainage Tube Fixer(II)

This product is composed of fixing paster and locker.

This product is mainly used for fixing drainage tube on patients’ skin after surgery, in order to prevent drainage tube from sliding.

1. According to the outer diameter of drainage tube which needs to be fixed, select the appropriate specifications.
2. Open the package, and then take out the product.
3. Uncover the protective layer.
4. Embed the drainage tube into the locker.
5. Paste the protective layer on the locker to fix the drainage tube.
6. Uncover the isolation layer of fixing paste, and then paste on the skin.
7. It is a sterile product, only for single use.


 2  Fr2-Fr6
 4  Fr8-Fr12
 6  Fr14-Fr18
 8  Fr20-Fr24
 10  Fr26-Fr30
 12  Fr32-Fr36
 14  Fr38-Fr42




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